Quick Weight Loss Tips for Safe Quick Weight Loss!

These quick weight loss tips are the cornerstone of weight loss, health and vitality! They can be applied in conjunction to supplement the quick weight loss diets on the home page or any other weight loss diets that you might choose to follow. With so many diet plans, meal plans and exercise routines on offer, trying to lose weight can often be very confusing and frustrating for many people. This can make the whole process of losing weight an almost impossible task. These simple, quick weight loss tips and ideas can be practiced alongside any weight loss diet or meal plans of your choice.

There are no guarantees for losing weight, but sticking to some simple, basic rules can give you a little extra help to help you stay on track. It has to come from YOU though, so a level of commitment from YOU is required. You have to really WANT to lose weight or you never will. Yes, there is always sacrifice but you have to weigh up the pros and the cons. What do you really want? what is more important to you? being healthy and slim, or eating junk food? It really does come down to these types of questions that only YOU can answer.

Please also take a look at How To Start Eating Healthy if you're struggling with the whole process of changing your diet to a healthier one.

How to Proceed

The best way to look at these quick weight loss tips is to see them as progressive stages from a dietary perspective. Each tip should therefore be applied to your diet and lifestyle in the order they are written on this page. This will ensure you're ready for each stage physically. This is important as some of these methods have a cleansing effect on the body which can be very demanding on you if encouraged too quickly.

The first three tips could be seen as the most important to get the ball rolling. It's an obvious thing to cut out junk food before anything else so I've made this 'quick weight loss tip number 1'. Likewise, 'quick weight loss tip number 2' is a natural step forward to speed up weight loss further after tip number 1 has become a part of your lifestyle for a while. Similarly, 'quick weight loss tip number 3' is the next progressive step after tip number 2. 

The first quick weight loss diet on the home page puts the first three tips here into practice with meal plans. Exercise routines will also be in place in the coming weeks so please come back if they aren't here now.

Click on the links below to jump straight to the individual tips past tip number 1. More quick weight loss tips and ideas will be added over time so please come back.

Tip #1 - Cut Out Junk Food
Tip #2 - Reduce Carbs & Sugars
Tip #3 - Eat a Laxative Diet
Tip #4 - Eat Only Vegetables for a Day or More
Tip #5 - Drink Only Vegetable Juice for a Day or More
Tip #6 - Eat Only Fresh Fruit for a Day or More

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1

Cut Out Junk Food!

junk-foodCutting out junk foods & starting to eat healthier can often produce dramatic results!

As obvious as this simple quick weight loss tip may be, it’s often not implemented fully to maximize its full effect. Honestly, the amount of people that tell themselves they’re eating healthy to the point that they cheat themselves to believe they are when in fact they aren't eating healthy at all is astonishing. I know this may sound a bit patronising but it’s the truth. To lose weight effectively and permanently requires total honestly with oneself and a complete change of mind towards food.

Maybe you've already cut out the junk but are still struggling to lose weight? In which case this simple tip doesn't relate to you and you need to try something else as different methods often work for different people. Read the rest of these tips and take a look at the quick weight loss diets and the other information on this site and practice what you feel drawn to and what makes the most sense to you. Different methods and approaches are often needed to secure success. It’s about finding what works for YOU! Trial and error is often required.

Either way, I urge you to take a look at the list of ‘junk foods’ below just to make sure you aren’t being just a little bit naughty and fibbing to yourself?  

Recognising ‘junk foods’ is easy I’m sure you’ll agree and include all fast food outlets. Many of these fast food outlets also serve healthy options too though like salads and similar foods, so go for those if you find yourself in any of these places for social reasons etc. Having said that, whether you're trying to lose weight or just want to get healthier, it's OK to eat these 'junk foods' once in a while for social reasons such as your child's birthday for example. You don't want to be alienated on such occasions, right? The only problem is, if you're trying to give these foods up or have done so for a while, then eating them again can spark a binge on them?

The real art is being able to eat these foods once in a while and then forget about them for weeks or months until the next time a social event raises its head. Eventually, you won't want them at all and will see all junk foods as intoxicating and damaging to your body.

This can take time and practice but can be a reality if you're prepared to be open to the idea and work at it. Giving up junk foods, is without doubt, the best quick weight loss tip I can give you, at least to get the ball rolling.

Junk Foods Include the Following in All Forms

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Cakes of all types
  • Biscuits (cookies)
  • Pastries of all types including; pies, pasties, puddings, sausage rolls, quiche, flans etc.
  • Crisps and all similar savoury snacks
  • Meat products; salami, pate, black pudding, sausages, bacon and ham etc. 
  • Hard cheeses
  • High sugar cereals
  • Soft drinks high in sugar

‘Junk foods’ are generally seen to be unhealthy by health advocates, nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and health services around the world. These foods really should be cut out of your diet without any exceptions. If you’re eating any or a lot of these junk foods, I encourage you to cut them out as quickly and completely as possible. If you can manage to do this, and replace them with healthier foods, then you should experience quick weight loss in a relatively short time.

This simple tip can produce quick weight loss results alone if you really can manage to implement it fully and really cut out all the junk food from your diet?! Try it, you might be amazed at the results. There are lots of healthy yet tasty foods that can help to replace these fat producing junk foods so give them up today! Take a look at the first quick weight loss diet on the home page for speeding up your metabolism. 

Junk foods are discussed again under quick weight loss tip #3 regarding constipation and eating a laxative diet.

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Quick Weight Loss Tip #2

Reduce Carbs & Sugars

carbohydratesReducing Complex Carbohydrtaes like these can help you to lose weight!

If you're serious about shedding those pounds then this quick weight loss tip is a 'must do'! Significantly reducing your complex carbohydrates such as; potatoes, pasta, rice and bread etc. can really help you to lose weight. I'm not saying cut them out completely, at least not yet, just reduce your intake for now by say 25-40% and monitor your weight and how you feel over a week or two.

Bananas, like all fruits, are known as 'simple carbohydrates' as they're digested and absorbed quicker than 'complex carbs' which take longer. Soft fruits are fine to eat as you please, but remember, bananas and some dried fruits like dates are full of carbohydrate so too many too often can be fattening. Because fruits and their natural sugars are absorbed quickly by the body they're an excellent 'quick pick you up'.

Cutting down on complex carbs will also help to reduce insulin levels too which helps to reduce the potential for the development of diabetes, so both your health and your waistline will benefit, great! More on that in a bit though.

For the vast majority of people, carbohydrates - also known as 'carbs' are the main source of fuel for the body. When we reduce our carbohydrate intake to a minimum our body starts to burn any surplus fat or fat in the diet for fuel. This is perfect if you want to lose weight quickly and permanently. It's also safe if done in a methodical, thoughtful way.

Trying not to get too deep here but to explain in a little more depth; the body turns carbs into glycogen where it's stored in the liver and muscles before being turned into glucose. It is the release of insulin that helps distribute the glucose to our cells throughout our entire body to be used up as fuel. This energy is what allows us to function properly on a day-to-day basis in every activity we embark upon. Whether we're running a marathon, walking, studying or sleeping, it requires energy. 

The point is, if we eat too many carbs - which most of us usually do - then the chances are we aren't burning them off, unless we are actually running marathons or participating in extreme levels of exercise on a daily basis.

This is especially the case when we start to get older. I don't mean as an old age pensioner, I mean past our teens, young adulthood and into our thirties and above. As we get older our metabolism slows down significantly and the pounds pile on with most of us not having any clue how it’s happening?! The question often comes to people, 'I eat healthy, so why am I not losing weight?' Well, it’s all about the balance between intake, output, individual metabolism and age etc.

Some people can eat for their country and still remain relatively slim, while others only have to look at a crisp (chip), a chip (fry) or a biscuit (cookie) and put on a stone?! There are various reasons for this but the bottom line is this; if you aren’t active enough to burn the carbs and fats in your diet to be used as energy then your body will most definitely store that unused fuel as fat for later use. 

So, if you're eating a diet that's either high in carbs or fats, or both, then you really have to go some to burn that lot off don't you? Wouldn't it be far easier to reduce these foods and do some exercise that's gentler in its approach?  I can't see the point in battering your body just so you can eat more of a certain type of food? I say that because I know a few people who do exactly that. They can do that now but won't always be able to, so they'll have to make changes to how they control their weight at some point in the future.

Anyway, getting back to the point, the stored excess adipose tissue (fat) will also probably be in all the places you don't want it to be such as your stomach, thighs, hips, face and neck. Not only that, but it will always be hard to shift if you're taking in more calories than your body is using up for fuel. Of course, this can also have significant health risks long-term too, as fat can enter your blood stream and sit around your internal organs especially your heart and liver.

When you lower your carbs and your fat, your body doesn’t have that steady delivery of carbohydrates to produce glucose to burn for energy. Instead, your liver starts to break down any stored fat to use for the body's energy supply.

Although increased activity is a good thing when on a diet plan of any type and for health in general, this approach is not about getting active to burn body fat. This second quick weight loss tip comes at it purely from a dietary perspective. By decreasing your carbohydrates to a minimum you'll give your body a kick to start burning any stored fat for fuel. You'll also stop the body from storing unused energy reserves as fat, so its a double positive!  


Another benefit of cutting down on carbs and refined sugar is that it can help to lower insulin levels.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. One of its functions is to help distribute glucose derived from carbohydrates and sugars to our cells throughout our entire body to be used as fuel for energy. The problem is, unusually high insulin levels in the body is a condition known as hyperinsulinemia which has been linked to high blood pressure (hypertension), obesity, dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance and even heart disease and cancer.

High levels of insulin in the blood can cause the body to become ‘insulin resistant’ where the cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. This has a knock-on effect making the pancreas produce even more insulin which is the first stage of type 2 diabetes?!

Of the three main nutrients known as 'macro-nutrients', which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats, it is said that carbohydrates raise our blood sugar and insulin levels the most. Reducing insulin levels in the body by reducing carbs and refined sugars in our diet can have obvious positive effects on our general health.

Reducing insulin can also help with weight loss too as the kidneys will start to flush excess sodium and water out of the body which will help to reduce water retention and bloating. Water is quite heavy so a certain amount of weight loss is inevitable.

Apply this simple, quick weight loss tip today by reducing carbs and refined sugar and start losing weight!

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Quick Weight Loss Tip #3

Eat a Laxative Diet

fruit_vegetables_grainsEating plenty of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains can help to keep you 'regular'

This quick weight loss tip is something that every animal on the planet does naturally when left in their natural environment. It’s a simple fact that we humans are the only creature in existence that suffers from constipation. The only other animals that suffer from constipation are domesticated animals or those in captivity that are fed ‘wrong foods’ by humans. 'Wrong foods’ are any foods that we humans feed our animal friends that would not normally be included in their natural diet if left in the wild.

Even our best friend the dog is given ‘wrong foods’ by professional animal nutritionists in the form of cereal products that have all the so-called vitamins and minerals our animal friends supposedly need. My question is, “do dogs or any carnivorous animal ever eat cereal in their natural environment”? I think not is the answer!

If you have ever seen any animal or bird in the wild empty its bowels before you, you will notice immediately how easy it is for them. Yes, I’m getting into details here and it isn’t to everyone’s liking but it has to be said because it’s the truth. When an animal in the wild goes to the toilet it is 'loose'. The trouble here is that so many people get confused between ‘loose’ and ‘diarrhoea’. They are two very different things indeed. Diarrhoea is usually accompanied with an upset stomach and a feeling of discomfort of some kind. The 'loose' I'm talking about here is not. 'Loose' in this sense simply means not constipated in any way so an 'easy passage' is experienced.  

Animals in their natural environment eat exactly what they’re supposed to eat as nature/God intended for them. Every animal’s natural diet has a laxative effect on their body. It is easily digested, easily absorbed and easily excreted from their body. There are no unhealthy or obese animals in the wild because they eat only what they’re supposed to eat.

Yes, of course many of you will say “wild animals aren’t obese because they often go hungry”. I agree with that as it is largely true, but the simple fact still remains that even in captivity, if fed the correct diet as nature intended, an animal will prosper immensely and will never be overweight. This is exactly the same for humans but most of us are unable to do it.

What Does Science Think?

This simple, quick weight loss tip brings up quite a few questions? I'm no scientist or medical doctor but I once spoke to a Western trained medical GP here in England about this subject as someone close to me was suffering from chronic constipation. The doctor told me; "you should go to the toilet at least once a day". I couldn't agree more I said. I spoke to another doctor on the same subject at a later date regarding the same person who was close to me and I was told; "it doesn't matter whether you go to the toilet every day or every two days".

I was flabbergasted at the simple fact that two doctors from the same medical background and training had two completely different opinions on what I consider a very important aspect of human health. It also lead me to realise that it seemed a matter of opinion regarding the advice given and that no real training on this important subject had been given to them or they would have both given me the same answer?

What's the Truth?

I am a firm believer that the 'truth' about anything is something that is clear to a person. If something, anything, makes total sense to YOU then that is the truth. Having said that, there are things that can be proven 'correct' or 'incorrect' so this is somewhat of a grey subject surrounded by a little bit of controversy.

That said, my opinion on this matter is simple. If we eat two, three or more times a day, every day of our lives, then surely we need to rid our bodies of the waste products of these daily meals at least once or twice a day? Surely, right? Our colon (large intestine) is a long tube full of pockets and if it isn't emptied every day those pockets will undoubtedly become full of uneliminated wastes that will slowly build up over time. If left to build up, these uneliminated waste products will surely produce toxins and poisons that will slowly be re-absorbed into the circulation, which will, in my opinion, sooner or later, lead to our death!

It is a scientific, medical fact, that cancer of the colon and rectum known as 'Colorectal cancer', is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and women. If you do not believe me then please take the time to read the article at www.cancer.org. 

I have personally fasted on juice alone for two months. This is not an exaggeration. During this time I continued to eliminated wastes so I know what I am saying here is the 'truth'. Eating a laxative diet is more than a quick weight loss tip. This is something that could actually save your life and even increase your lifespan!

This is the 'truth' and the facts on this subject for me. Start to eat a diet that's rich in natural whole foods with plenty of fruit and vegetables and also some whole-grains like brown rice.

Incidentally, I believe that 'truth' is found in 'simplicity' and not in complicated nutritional analysis.

Eating a laxative diet could save your life and even prolong it for many years to come!

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Quick Weight Loss Tip #4

Eat Only Vegetables for a Day or More


This simple, quick weight loss tip of only eating cooked and raw vegetables for a period of time is an almost sure method to melt away that fat! Eating only one type of food for a while comes under the category of 'mono-diets'.

Vegetables, as we know, are very healthy as we're told to eat them by the powers that be a lot of the time. 'Five a day' is the recommended dose of fruits and veg here in the UK. This gives us plenty of fibre along with a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

Eating only vegetables also falls into the previous category of eating a laxative diet (quick weight loss tip #3) which is important for general health and well-being as well as keeping the weight off! 

This simple quick weight loss tip and how to implement it over a longer period of time is discussed in more depth at quick weight loss diet #3 on the home page.

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Quick Weight Loss Tip #5

Drink Only Vegetable Juice for a Day or More


Building further on the previous method, this quick weight loss tip encourages you to drink only vegetable juice for a day or two. You can go longer than two days if you wish but only if you feel OK. This is not something that should be played with. Read about detoxification first which is taken from my own personal experience after years of cleansing diets and various fasting practices.

You should only start drinking vegetable juices at this stage and NOT fruit juices as fruit is extremely cleansing and can be disruptive to the system if you are not in the right physical condition to handle it. 

All the obvious vegetables can be juiced like kale, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and, broccoli etc. Potatoes shouldn't be juiced as they are starchy as are other root vegetables like parsnips and turnips.

V8_vegetable_juiceBought vegetable juices can make things a little easier

You can also buy juices off the shelf if it makes it easier. In the UK we have V8 juice which is a tomato based juice with other vegetable juices and some added spices. I've drunk quite a bit of that in my time! 

Remember this is not a smoothie, its juice. A vegetable smoothie is no different from eating blended vegetables which is basically the same as the previous quick weight loss tip, apart from them possibly being raw as opposed to cooked. 

Note: As previously mentioned, you need to monitor yourself with this as I have no idea about you or your previous diets etc. Drinking vegetable juice only for a day or two is in fact a vegetable juice fast. People have died from fasting so prepare yourself properly by going through the various stages as outlined on this page from top to bottom. 

If you go through the weight loss tips on this page methodically and spend weeks or months at each stage, then you should have no problem drinking only vegetable juice for a day or two and possibly even more provided you feel relatively fine. 

This is an excellent quick weight loss tip that will definitely help you to lose weight quite quickly, but do keep it safe by taking one day at a time and seeing how you feel. Drop back to the previous tip and method if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

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Quick Weight Loss Tip #6

Eat Only Fresh Fruits for a Day or More


Like all the tips and methods on this page, this quick weight loss tip is a step further from the previous one. Again, please read about detoxification before going any further but don't let that information put you off. If you feel uncomfortable with anything here, don't do it! It is not for you. You will instinctively know if something is right for you, plain and simple. 

Eating only fresh fruits for a day, two days or more is a sure way to lose weight, providing you have slowly gone through the various stages as represented by each quick weight loss tip on this page from top to bottom.

Note: As previously discussed, you need to monitor how you feel and react to these various dietary tips and methods as they can often be quite demanding as you will undoubtedly experience detox symptoms to a greater or lesser degree depending on your level of internal uncleanliness. This is especially so with fresh fruit as it's very cleansing to the system, especially citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and also pineapple. 

The cleaner you become inside, the easier these 'strict diets' are to withstand and the longer you can do it for. This can take weeks, months and even years of methodical cleansing and rebuilding depending on your age, your previous and present diet, as well as any inherent weaknesses or illnesses you may have? 

Start slow and see how you feel, that is all you can do. Make changes to your diet accordingly by dropping back to the previous diet or even further if you need to.

Eat only soft, fresh fruits like peaches, nectarines, melons, mangoes, plumbs, grapes, stewed figs and prunes etc. Stay away from bananas as they're too starchy unless you stew them and mix them with tinned prunes or stewed apples and dates which is one of my favourite combos.

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